Monday, February 23, 2009

Some Doctors Have No Idea!

Upon waking up at 4am this morning to go to work I found that I couldn't even get out of bed due to my sever back pain, I have never experienced this kind of pain before, I crawled out of bed and managed to get my clothes of and into the hot shower where I could slowly feel the pain release.

I decided to make an appointment to see the GP, so after training my clients this morning I went to the doctor's and waited and waited and waited, 1 hour over time grrrr.  I get this doctor I have never seen before, asian guy not the usual asian doctor I wanted to see.
I tell him everything about the pain and sciatica etc and he said I may need a CT scan, fair enough lets get it done.  I was wearing my PT uniform when I saw him as I has come straight from work and on the back it says "Personal Trainer" across the back of my shirt.  He asked me to turn around and show him where my back pain was, so I did, I then turned to face him and no word of a lie he asked me what I did for a living!!  I thought he was joking but he wasn't. My hubby was rolling his eyes.  Then he asked me when my last period was as you can't have the scan if there is a chance I may be pregnant.  So not even thinking I told him I was a week late followed by "but i'm definitely NOT pregnant".  I told him it's due to the fact I dropped below 15% body fat etc.
Well he wouldn't listen and said I could not have the scan because I may be pregnant and he wouldn't do a pregnancy test because i'm only 1 week late!  So frustrating!
He told me to rest, no weight lifting, take panadol (as I may be pregnant and this won't be harmful) and to use a heat pack.  See how I feel in a few days and thats it!
OMG one thing I know about back pain is not moving makes it worse, swelling around the spinal disc should not have "direct" heat applied and panadol does jack shit, I need an anti-inflammotory to reduce the swelling around my disc so the sciatic nerve has no pressure on it and the muscles stop spasming!

The doctor I wanted to see is familiar with the fact that I compete so he understands it a little more.  This guy was straight off the boat!  No point in even telling him that I was getting ready for a show.  So after sitting there with John and him asking about our sex life due to this suspected pregnancy we left feeling that it was a complete waste of time, I almost cried.  This pain is very draining and with the hours I work and the comp prep I am struggling to find energy.  Having said that I am forcing myself to train and do all the cardio but it's 100 times harder then I have ever experienced with previous comp preps.

So where to with the back?  I will start another course of Nurafen, use ice packs for three days, once the swelling goes down I will then use heat packs and this should help.  The step to take after that is to see a Physio.

This post is more of a vent then anything else, I feel better already :-)


Tearose said...

aww so sorry to hear about your back! I hope you get some relief soon! What a dumb doctor jeez.

Charlotte Orr said...

I feel for you Deb. Hope your physio is able to work some magic.

LizN said...

Hey Debs, if you want a bit of trouble shooting, send me an email -

Jehanne said...

I hope you get your back all sorted quick babe!
I am doing the All Female in July and then hopefully the comp here in perth in oct and I wanna go to the Olympia - but only if I place well and get free entry, lol!
I am loving the journey this time around - it certainly helps when you have someone training you who you can put your complete trust in - and I do with Andrew - he is awesome - he has helped me get my focus and head in the right place - no messing about with him - Love it!!!!!!!