Sunday, December 6, 2009

I Don't think I will continue to post

I haven't really been posting much these days. Life is busy and hectic and it's been taking it's toll on me.
I was thinking about 2010 (in relation to blogging) and decided I most likely won't blog anyway.

Visiting blog land and catching up with you guys is still on going, it has never stopped. Plus the contact through facebook is great too.

If I have news or anything important I wish to share I prefer to do it through Lindy's forum :-)

So i'm taking a break from my own blog for a while but will still visit :-)


Sunday, November 22, 2009

The things we do for our loved ones!!

I bought the QLD VIP 3 Theme Park tickets for my son and myself last week. Since working as a PT I found I have been spending less time with him and I really want to change that so I got the tickets for us to have some fun!!
Movie World on Saturday was awesome and he managed to talk me into going on the Superman ride, i'm getting to old for this lol, I was freaked out. When we got off the ride he said "was that you screaming out shiiittt"? Hee hee that wasn't all I was screaming!

It's been a year since I started working at Goodlife as a PT and I can't believe how fast the time has pasted. I have learnt so much in that time, I have also established my self very well and had helped many people make some amazing transformations. I will post a few before and after shots of a few of my clients soon.

I now need to find balance and structure in every aspect of my life. I need to have more time with my hubby and son (number one priority), while balancing my work.
I also need to structure my nutrition and training and once I have all this planned out I will feel so much better.

Xmas is around the corner, I have no plans at this stage and i'm not going away, need some well deserved rest and what better time to do it then Xmas.

Talk to you guys soon.

Deb xxx

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Federation or Organization is Upon Us

Lafemme Australia - Click here

I received an email today in relation to this new organization. I have been asking around but no one else seems to know about it.
I responded to the email and this is the reply I got:

Hi Deb,

Over my 20+ years in the industry and just as many from others in our organization, between us we have owned supplement shops, gyms, sports stores, pt studios, and have all competed many times in lots of sports, including bodybuilding, weighlifting, sprinting and lots lots more.

Within the network that has come to form LaFemme, we have gathered as many contacts as we could from, our own, friends who still own businesses with contact lists etc and contacted people that would be interested in what we have to offer.

Our focus is to make our organization as large as possible, and have already had interest from overseas. We will definitely be looking to expand internationally as soon as we can.

But we intend on doing this, and obviously expanding around Australia, by providing as much as we can in the way of prizes for competitors, rather than just the obligatory trophy and title.

The great new thing that LaFemme provides is the opportunity for everyone to compete at a national event.

Obviously other federations have a scaling process for an athlete to gain entry to a national event, by placing at a lower event.

But as our concept dictates, we are not a federation of any sort. We are an organization providing what is missing out there.

And if we didn’t do things differently, then we would just be another federation.

We are looking to introduce new people at high/professional levels in other sports to ours at our events, and ours to theirs. We believe that creating new interest from other genres of sport will greatly benefit Australian women’s sport in general.

We will have guest speakers, and seminars, social fitness events and much, much more to keep everyone looking forward to more than just 1 or 2 comps a year.

Any ideas that you have or any other competitors, friends, family, spectators etc have, we look forward to hearing, to help develop our concept and keep moving forward.

I hope that is enough info to get you started. Feel free to contact us anytime again.

Kind Regards.


Did anyone else get an email? Does anyone else know the people behind this and what do you think about it all?


Monday, November 9, 2009


Hi Guys!
I have been around and reading blogs, not really leaving many comments, just flying through when I have a chance.

I guess I have a lot to write about but I don't have the time right now. I wanted to post to let you know that I will update very soon, i'm still here :-)

This week I will make time to blog.

See you soon.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What a journey!

All I can say is that sometimes you need to go through difficult situations to see things clearly. Sometimes going through a tough situation can be a good thing, only if you look at it that way. I have learnt so much about my last comp.
Knowing I was not coming in at my usual leanness and having it confirmed a week out from comp made my decision to continue to go to Sydney very frustrating and difficult. At one week out I knew I wasn't going to make my optimal condition for the comp and having paid for airfares, accommodation etc I felt obligated to bite the bullet and go anyway.

Coming 4th is still a good outcome and deserved for the package I had presented on the day. The thing is I know I can do so much better so I walk away knowing that and I also take away some very useful information with me in regards to what not to do for my next prep.

Sydney was done on my own, I did the entire trip without a hitch and I am proud of myself for having the confidence to take that on. I have really grown up! :-)

Next year I will stand on stage in awesome condition, I have no doubts about that! After the Sydney Asia -Pacific comp I got loads of honest feedback and comments that made me open my eyes to many things. The Sydney comp was not a complete waste of time.

At this stage I hope to compete in the latter part of the year, hears hoping I don't change my mind due to unfinished business and compete in May. Don't let me do it or I will be prepping all year again and that's a big fat NO NO.

I have also decided to prep myself next year. I have done it before and I believe I can do it again but with even more knowledge behind me. The only thing that would be challenging to get around is having someone be my eyes for me when I get to 4 weeks out until comp day. But I have good friends here in the know who would be happy to help *cough* Lia :-) Last time I sent photos for honest feedback (2007) I can always count on her for honesty.

I'm really looking forward to my off season training and nutrition and can't wait to compete again next year.

Thank you so much for all your support through facebook and text etc. I have to say that on the day of the comp having my iphone to update and check back for replies was so comforting, I felt like you guys were there with me, just to share everything I was going through and knowing you guys were there reading on was unbelievable. Thank you to iphone and technology and mostly to my amazing friends. xxx

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Almost 1 week out

Not sure where to start. I had a very busy weekend. Saturday was my birthday plus it was the day Steph and Ali competed at the ANB for the first time and I was lucky to be there to see them for pre judging.
They both looked fabulous and did so very well, they both have a bright competitive future ahead of them :-)

Sunday was full on for me as I had my client Eleanor competing in novice at the WNBF. I felt like mother hen to her lol. She ended coming 2nd so you can imagine how happy her and I both were considering she had come to me approx 12 weeks ago having never done any weight training before and asked me to prep her! She lost about 8kgs and managed to build enough muscles. Her condition on the day was really good and I even got many compliments on the way her tan came up. She put in so much work and I am extremely proud of her.

As you know Jon Davie was away so I haven't had a chance to see him since Tuesday last week and don't get to see him until Monday so that's two weeks! I feel a little freaked out at the moment as I don't know if i'm on track and won't know until Monday my final week.
Being so close to the show any competitor would know how hard it is to judge for yourself. One minute you think your right on the money, the next minute you feel very uncertain. I really need to keep it together until Monday.

I fly out to Sydney on Saturday morning, the show is on Sunday. The competition will be huge and very competitive, I can only do my best and hope that my condition is spot on at the right time, I have been having issues with holding lots of water over the last few weeks, I think it's improving now but again not sure of much right now as my judgement seems very clouded.

Work is still demanding and busy and life is stressful. I can't wait until this is all over as I really need to focus on my daily life. I must make a note to myself as a reminder not to do two seasons in one year. Prepping most of the year is way too much especially in my line of work. I will just compete at the end of the year. Boy I can't wait to rest up :-) Even if (big if) I was to place at the WNBF Asia-Pacific's I won't go the the World's in New York, I just can't get away now :-( and to prep for another 4 weeks is not very enticing right now either.

I will be at the Olympia promoting International Protein so I can't wait to catch up with many of you who will be attending and competing.

Hugs xxx

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Still Here!

OMG, I really miss blogging but only have a couple of minutes to stop in to let you know i'm still alive!

I'm prepping and almost 3 weeks out. I have so much I want to share about this prep but not rushed like this. It's in relation to many aspects of cutting down and the difficulties associated with it.

Good luck to all competing this weekend, sorry I can't be at the INBA Qld titles :-(

I will be checking in with everyone to find out how it all goes.


P.s. I'm cheering for you Miss Tara!!!!! xxx