Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Still Here!

OMG, I really miss blogging but only have a couple of minutes to stop in to let you know i'm still alive!

I'm prepping and almost 3 weeks out. I have so much I want to share about this prep but not rushed like this. It's in relation to many aspects of cutting down and the difficulties associated with it.

Good luck to all competing this weekend, sorry I can't be at the INBA Qld titles :-(

I will be checking in with everyone to find out how it all goes.


P.s. I'm cheering for you Miss Tara!!!!! xxx

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Decision has been made.

I'm going straight to the WNBF Asia-Pacific Championships in Sydney (Oct 10-11). Since making the decision I feel awesome about it. Now I have more time to help with my girls at the Qld show which is proving to be more and more of a need then I realized as we get closer.

I have booked my flights and accommodation. Hair and make-up lady is also booked and all I need now is to find a mobile spray tanning person to book in.

I must stay focused for this comp, the stakes are going to be high but i'm really hoping to place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in order to qualify for the Worlds in New York. This is my dream and I should give it my all. If however I don't place, there is always next year.

These days I don't seem to phased by what the outcome of my competitions end up at, I can only give it my best shot and go from there. I am finding other activities in my life that I really enjoy and feel it's great to diversify. I believe that the outcome on the day is uncontrollable and I will just go with the flow. In fact this new attitude has been taken up in most aspects of my life now. I find that I am not stressing anywhere near as much as I used too especially during prep. This prep is the first to date where I haven't had "an episode"! Hope to keep the record clean LOL.

So this Sunday means i'm 5 weeks out, i'm in a good position prep wise but I must remember that it is a higher level of competitors i'm standing on stage with in Sydney and I still need to come in nice and tight :-)

I hope to try and update a little more often.

Debs xxx