Monday, June 22, 2009

Blogging is not the same any more

Apart from being busy I have been wondering why i don't blog much anymore, not like what I used to back in 2006 & 2007 where I blogged almost daily! Things seem different now in blog world.

Now I just find myself reading a few blogs a day and not even leaving comments, not from lack of caring but just not knowing what to say at times.

Perhaps it's just a phase or maybe it's more then that, who knows??

I am currently putting together a website for my PT business but will still remain blogging here when I have something to blog about that is :-)

At the moment life is taking on new directions, more doors are opening up and I need to take the plunge and give it a shot, changes are scary, fear of the unknown but regrets are worse.

I am competing again in late September at this stage but need to call Jon Davie to discuss a few things, he thinks I fell off the planet as I have been missing in action for the last few weeks. I will try to call tomorrow and then i will know what the heck i'm doing lol.

My training is still on fire and my strength makes me feel like i'm unstoppable! I get so excited about going to the gym for a weights session, gosh i've missed this feeling, please don't ever leave me again! Chest tomorrow woohoo lol

See you soon.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Thank You Dallas Olsen

Below are some pictures taken by Dallas Olsen at the ANB Asia-Pacific International. He sent me loads more but I will upload more another day.

My lovely trophy!

Their were two more girls in the line up on the other side of me.

Quarter turn (my better side) ;-)

Ab and thigh

Side chest, my favorite pose.

Can't wipe the smile off my face lol

What a fantastic day and I have nothing but awesome memories of the entire show. This is a very different me on stage and it was lovely to experience it, the fuller more rounded physique is very feminine indeed! But having said that, I will be coming in leaner in September, I still have room to move their without compromising on muscle :-)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What a night!

Goodlife's 12 week challenge dinner results night was on Saturday night in Brisbane at the Convention center.
It was a huge night with all the clubs from Australia there for a big night of fun and presentations.
This was the first time I had experienced the challenge since starting work as a PT at Goodlife. I had four clients that entered it and so I too decided to enter under the staff division so I could work with my clients as a team.
I am so very proud to say that I had a winner on the night!! Kevin Grey, Male Winner from Helensvale Club woohoo!!! I am so stoked.
I had to walk Kevin up for his presentation, what a moment that was.
Then to top it off I was the overall staff female winner lol. I can laugh now but I was freaking out on the night as I had to get up and give a speech in front of over 1000 people (stop giggling Lia), yes I froze for a few seconds standing in front of the two microphones in front of me but I eventually managed to say something.

And take a look at the size of the cheque I got, I was pretty plastered by the time they handed me that. John and Nathan cracked up when they saw it the following morning LOL.

I am so proud of Kevin and his wife Melissa who I trained for the challenge, they have both adopted a lifestyle change and never looked upon the challenge as a weight loss competition which was an important point that I put to them. They trained hard and were consistent and for that they now look and feel better and continue to drop more body fat and tone as they train with me. Having clients like this makes me say "I love my job"!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Can Stand It No More

Resting that is!
I can't take a full week off I NEED to train so i'm starting back tomorrow, I can't wait lol. I have had enough rest and am ready to rock 'n' roll with the heavy iron, cardio I don't miss yet hee hee.
Food wise I have indulged a little but have been quite good, I will clean my act up even more once I start training again.
At the WNBF comp I was on stage early so once I was done my father and I (and a few friends) went for lunch. There was a buffet that most of the others had but all I felt like was a club sandwich, so that is what I had with a glas of chilled Sav Blac, it was delightful!

I have had a few nights of wine and nuts but thats after a clean eating day so not to bad. I will enjoy my weekend then get serious again as of next week.

My plans are kind of all over the shop at the moment. I am competing again late september but am yet to decide which shows. The ANB and WNBF are back to back again and that sucks because I find it hard to hold condition the second day. But I really want to give both fed another shot as I will come in leaner this time.

So I will work towards both the comps at this stage and decided closer to the day but since JD is coaching me through this again I would say the ANB is a definite even knowing I will be standing in line with Minnie :-) Pitty she wasn't shorter lol. But it will be awesome to meet her in person, i'm looking forward to that.

On Sunday I came so close to booking tickets to Melbourne to compete at the All females, so close I was, but I would have had to rearrange way to many things and it was going to become stressful so I gave up on that idea real quick ;-)

I'm still hanging out for pictures, I must be patient ;-)

Have a great long weekend everybody.

Debs xxx

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

WNBF Gold Coast Championships

I am in the process of hunting down photo's from this event, shouldn't be long until I post them.

Ms. Fitbody Open - Tall class - 3rd Place

I kind of feel that I should have done better at this comp and have learnt a hell of alot over the weekend.
Two federations looking for too different looks. The WNBF prefers the leaner more "cut" look and since I wasn't as lean as I usually get I just didn't do as well on the day.
The feedback I got after the show was that my gains were awesome but if I had the leaness of 2007 I would have done much better.

I guess it was weird placing 3rd at such an elite event the day before and then expecting to do better at a local show that threw me a bit at first but now it's all good, it's good because I know I can come in leaner next time so I can fix the mistake easily.

So where to from here????

I spoke to Jon Davie today and we discussed a few things but I really want to give this another shot so I will be competing again late September for another back to back show with the ANB and the WNBF, but this time I will be leaner.

Time to enjoy my week off before getting back into it all, at least i'm at a great place to continue my next prep.

Deb xxx

Monday, June 1, 2009

ANB Asia-Pacific International 2009

Figure Open - Tall 3rd Place OMG!!

What a day Saturday was from morning till night it was full on but so much fun. I have to say this was the most fun I have experienced at a comp. I was calm and my nerves were no where near as bad as previous shows.

I'm so stoked with my placing as I had no expectations at this event due to the amazing athletes who were competing on the day.

Even though I had to wait so long to get on stage it all went so incredibly fast that I didn't even know how many girls I was standing on stage with until I asked when I got off! LOL One minute i'm backstage with JD pumping me up, next minute i'm on stage posing.

Looking at my photo's I see a VERY different Deb. I'm not used to seeing myself that full and round. This is what the ANB prefers from what I heard and I guess that's why I was prepped that way. I do feel that I could have come in leaner but for now nothing can take away my happiness and joy from what I experienced that Saturday :-)

The pictures above where taken by Steph and the other one by a friend of my hubby's who was in the crowd. Dallas has photo's so when I receive them I will post more.

I have to say a huge thank you to Lindy Olsen and Jo Rogers for tanning me at JD's place. You both did so much for me and I felt like a princess on the day :-) I am here if you ever need me to help with anything in the future.

I will blog again in relation to the WNBF, running out of time again!

Deb xxx