Monday, June 1, 2009

ANB Asia-Pacific International 2009

Figure Open - Tall 3rd Place OMG!!

What a day Saturday was from morning till night it was full on but so much fun. I have to say this was the most fun I have experienced at a comp. I was calm and my nerves were no where near as bad as previous shows.

I'm so stoked with my placing as I had no expectations at this event due to the amazing athletes who were competing on the day.

Even though I had to wait so long to get on stage it all went so incredibly fast that I didn't even know how many girls I was standing on stage with until I asked when I got off! LOL One minute i'm backstage with JD pumping me up, next minute i'm on stage posing.

Looking at my photo's I see a VERY different Deb. I'm not used to seeing myself that full and round. This is what the ANB prefers from what I heard and I guess that's why I was prepped that way. I do feel that I could have come in leaner but for now nothing can take away my happiness and joy from what I experienced that Saturday :-)

The pictures above where taken by Steph and the other one by a friend of my hubby's who was in the crowd. Dallas has photo's so when I receive them I will post more.

I have to say a huge thank you to Lindy Olsen and Jo Rogers for tanning me at JD's place. You both did so much for me and I felt like a princess on the day :-) I am here if you ever need me to help with anything in the future.

I will blog again in relation to the WNBF, running out of time again!

Deb xxx


Lia Halsall said...

I am seeing a totally different girl in these photos. I'm blown away by all the changes Deb. You're back development is positively insane. :o)

Lia xxx

*ANA* said...


Witchazel said...

DAMN!!!!! I didn't now you were there!!!! I would have loved to talk to say hi... CONGRATS!!! 3rd place AWESOME!!!!

KRISTIN said...

Hi Deb! Just thought I should say hi and introduce myself as I was cheering you on at the comp and I have been following your blog :)
Conrats on your placing! I was there and thought you looked amazing! Good work! I can't wait to compete myself xoxo

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Hey right back atchya chook!

Damn you looked hot up there. No doubt Sunday was just as spectacular. I am so glad you placed, all that hard work and rewards for it. Got to be happy with that. Looking forward to the second half of the year............can you imagine how hot you will be! hubba hubba hubba.

Vicki said...

OMG Deb, you look bloody unreal!! I am so glad you persevered with prep and the comps. Congratulations, you have done an amazing job and so you should be stoked about your placing - it was a tough line up!

Vic xx

ss2306 said...

A big congratulations Deb. Awesome job. I'm so glad you made it and did so well cause I know it was tough for a while there.

Hey, what category did you end up doing and how many in the class?

RaeC said...

Deb, you looked amazing!! Congratulations honey, your placing was well deserved and you earned it good and proper!! Very proud of you :) xxx

Shan said...

Big congratulations Deb! You looked fantastic, and have made some really awesome changes since last time. Well done. I loved your hair - looked very glammy :)

Splice said...

THANKS guys!! :-)

I felt glammy LOL.

Shelley I was in figure open tall class in a line up of five ladies.

Deb xxx

Charlotte Orr said...

Well done Deb!