Sunday, June 14, 2009

What a night!

Goodlife's 12 week challenge dinner results night was on Saturday night in Brisbane at the Convention center.
It was a huge night with all the clubs from Australia there for a big night of fun and presentations.
This was the first time I had experienced the challenge since starting work as a PT at Goodlife. I had four clients that entered it and so I too decided to enter under the staff division so I could work with my clients as a team.
I am so very proud to say that I had a winner on the night!! Kevin Grey, Male Winner from Helensvale Club woohoo!!! I am so stoked.
I had to walk Kevin up for his presentation, what a moment that was.
Then to top it off I was the overall staff female winner lol. I can laugh now but I was freaking out on the night as I had to get up and give a speech in front of over 1000 people (stop giggling Lia), yes I froze for a few seconds standing in front of the two microphones in front of me but I eventually managed to say something.

And take a look at the size of the cheque I got, I was pretty plastered by the time they handed me that. John and Nathan cracked up when they saw it the following morning LOL.

I am so proud of Kevin and his wife Melissa who I trained for the challenge, they have both adopted a lifestyle change and never looked upon the challenge as a weight loss competition which was an important point that I put to them. They trained hard and were consistent and for that they now look and feel better and continue to drop more body fat and tone as they train with me. Having clients like this makes me say "I love my job"!


Jehanne said...

Thats awesome Deb - you must be stoked! xo

MISS TANK said...

CONGRATS DEB!! Not only do you work hard, you train hard, eat well, be a mum and a wife - you are super-fricken-woman!!

THAT IS AWESOME! Keep educating, inspiring and motivating Deb x

Charlotte Orr said...


Tara said...

Congrats deb!!! what a brilliant accomplishment!!

Tara xxx

Lia Halsall said...

You're more confident than you give yourself credit Deb. When you first started competing you were this unsure timid lady and look at you now. You're a super star!

Lia xxx