Monday, March 23, 2009

Walking Down The Right Path

I had my skin folds taken a day earlier then usual due to JD having to travel a fair bit at the moment, he is one busy guy!
All went better then i expected and I am on track, I had another good drop in body fat.

The comments i'm getting at work are continuing and it's all good for now but wait a few more weeks when they start seeing some really big changes!  I know many of the members will be pretty shocked as they have not seen this kind of transformation before, it will make for good gossip and conversation lol.

My results are great and i'm happy with my progress, my 10 week out pictures show some awesome improvements from my last 10 week out prep.

But I have to make mention that this has been one of the most challenging preps I have ever done.  I am drained most days of the week, it's a real struggle to put one foot in front of the other at times and I have to train my clients with enthusiasm and I have to do cardio etc, etc, I don't mean to go on and on about it but anyone that's reading this and seeing that i'm getting results needs to know it doesn't come easy to me.  In fact, I don't believe it comes easy to any of us, I just never want to give that impression.

I was having weeks when I wasn't progressing well and I may fall back into that rut again (desperately try not too though), but right now the results are good and I need to continue to work just as hard to keep right on top of things, I can relax later, after the comps :-)

So full steam ahead is what is needed as I approach the 9 week out mark on the weekend, single digits already, it freaks me out a little.  I start to get frightened of standing on stage, every week it scares me more and more, when will I ever get over the stage fright????

I have been reading everyone's blog but haven't commented, sorry, lack of time.  I will comment very soon.

Deb x

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pretty Pleased With Myself :-)

I had a fabulous drop this week, a full 5mls and 1.5kgs off the scales :-)
I just need to keep the momentum going even though I am still having issues with my energy levels.  I picked up a few supps today that should help me with this problem.

I'm getting lots of comments again about my weight loss, as many members at my work and even staff don't really understand how lean I really need to get for stage appearance it shocks them when i say I still have a long way to go.

After reading Nicole's blog on the stages we go through I found this very interesting and true, I feel I am in stage two but taking my first steps towards stage 3 now which will really have people talking.

I'm too focused to worry about what people say behind my back, once you come this far nothing is going to stop you, no way :-)

Back on topic, i'm allowed to have my very first off plan meal for the year yay.  This Saturday night it will take place lol.  I'm hanging for pasta, wine and nuts!  Will be fun.  And depending on my skinfolds next week I may be allowed another one two weeks later hee hee.

See you guys soon.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

11 Weeks Out (Pictures)

Since i'm not very comfortable with posting pictures this far out from comp I have only added two photos.  These pictures compared to my other preps at 11 weeks out shows me that I am a little leaner with a fair bit more muscle!  Very happy with that, now I just need to hold on to it :-)

Still feeling drained but will get onto that this Wednesday when I see JD.

Not much else to report so I will leave it until Wednesday after I get my skinfolds done again.  Oh yeah, I have my posing routine, I went out to Troy and Christine's place yesterday and they went over it with me.  I have to learn it then go back and show them so they can tweak it.  I'm stoked with it!

Talk to you soon.

Deb xxx

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And the answer to my problem is


Yes i'm well aware of the importance of sleep especially during a prep but when it's your own body you think your okay and you have a good handle on everything, that is until you hit a brick wall like I did on Sunday.

Today was my regular visit with Jon Davie, I spoke to him about my drained body and negative thoughts two days ago and he even said I still looked drained.  We assessed everything (nutrition etc) but he already knew it was my lack of sleep that was causing all this.  We did discuss this previously but now I have no choice but to take it very seriously if I want to see results.  I actually managed to squeeze in a 45 minute sleep after seeing him, my god it was one of those deep, deep sleeps that I must have needed.  I'm feeling better already but I know I need more and will make sure I get it when ever I can.

After my regular visit with JD I have my regular phone call to Lia,  she has been my wonderful supporter since day one and knows me better then I know me ;-)  As soon as she hears my voice she knows whats up with me lol.  So another peep talk from her had me heading straight for the bed for that awesome nap I had today.  Sometimes you just need someone to tell you what you need to do, just hearing it come from someone else other then yourself makes a HUGE difference as to whether you take action or not.  So thank you once again sweetheart :-)

As for the results today, they were good but could have been better, but I am happy as I am still dropping and that is all that matters right now.  Once I start getting more sleep my body will be able to respond alot better and I should see some great improvements.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Better in mind but not body!

Today I feel a little more positive, well a whole lot more then yesterday that's for sure, I now feel back on track mentally but physically I feel drained.
I knew I was feeling better this morning during my cardio session as I wanted to do it but my body had no juice in the tank, so the desire was there and that was what I had lost two days ago, it's great to have it back.

Tomorrow I see JD so I will talk to him about this then.  And yes, I am a little nervous about the skin folds, even though I have done everything prescribed I just have a concern about plateauing or something.  But whatever the numbers are I will do as the picture reads "Don't Panic!, Just Smile"  :-)

I have also got Michael (personal trainer) back on board with me as of this Friday, he will be training me one on one once a week at Goodlife to start with to help me stay on top of things, I always train hard when I have someone like him pushing me so i'm looking forward to that.

It's funny as I never needed that extra push before when it comes to training, but after speaking with Michael today he did remind me that I am at work by 5.30am most days and I have so much more on my plate that it just isn't possible to have the same amount of energy that I had 2007 when I had more time and more sleep on my hands.  He also put other things into perspective today which really helped get rid of my self doubts!  For now anyway ;-)

Thanks again for all your love and support in regards to yesterdays post, the responses and emails really helped me get my head back into the right place.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not in a good headspace

I have been seriously struggling since yesterday afternoon and have continued to do so today.  Head games?  not sure.  I felt like pulling the pin last night but figured I just couldn't for many reasons outside of what I want, I know this doesn't make sense but I don't want to go into it right now.
I have no idea why I am even doing this, prepping again.  I'm not sure about if I can get into shape for the day and even then i'm s*&t scared on stage, why do I do this??

It's not due to hunger or cravings that is making me feel this way, but I am feeling drained and two cardio sessions a day are not helping.  My mind and body are feeling way overwhelmed and knowing I still have 12 weeks of this is kind of insane!  I have been at it for 8 weeks already and am feeling over it.

My body has made some good changes but i'm not convinced i'm going to improve on my last comp as I doubt that I can get as lean this time around due to my ridiculous new life style and hours of work etc, I just can't keep pushing myself like this as I have nothing left to push anymore.  I feel really down right now and I am struggling.

I know that this will pass and I will get over it, but right now, this very minute, i'm in it and in it deep.  Perhaps me blogging about it will help or it may make me feel worse :-(
I also know I need to take it one day at a time, one training session at a time and one cardio session at a time, but it's not like before, I had a set time to train and do cardio and I had no restrictions on my exercises as I had a good back.

On a different note I had an appointment to see Jo Rogers yesterday to order a bikini, I needed to be fitted due to the breast augmentation.  Her new place is fantastic, the studio is awesome.  I was as indecisive as usual but we got through it.  I'm going with colours I haven't used before but I will continue with the velvet material.  The design will be pretty much left in Jo's hands.

I took my first progress pictures yesterday (12 weeks out), the pictures didn't turn out to well due to lighting unfortunately but from what I could see i'm pretty much on par with previous preps at 12 weeks out, so I have a long way to go and a lot of work to do - this just freaks me out.

My posing is bad, I could tell by the pictures, very unsteady on my feet and lack confidence in the poses.
Christine and Troy told me today that my routine is finished, so I must see them next Sunday to learn it, I hope I don't disappoint them!

So even though you just read a very gloomy post please don't feel you need to respond as I will get over this I just needed to put it out there.  I am human, I do get pushed to my limits at times.

Deb xxx

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Food Matters

Click here to find out more

Staying Focused

I now see JD on Wednesday's instead of Thursday's and today's visit was pretty darn good if I say so myself :-)
In six days I lost a another 2.5mls bodyfat and 1 kilo off the scales, the high intensity cardio obviously shook things up a little, but they have been removed again.
Meal plan has been changed, I still have plenty of food to eat but the macro's change a little.

My training unfortunately has suffered and continues too due to lower back problems since last October.  I am concerned as to how it will effect my end result - comp condition.  Although my back is good right now, I am pain free for the first time in months and it has only been a few days I have felt this good but I still can't do any squats, bent over rows, lying leg raises, stiffo's etc, but I am working on other exercises so hopefully it won't be to much of an issue, I really am trying not to think about it too much, the end result will be great i'm sure of it :-)

I watched "Food Matters" today, it is mind blowing, I know Alison has seen it, has anyone else?

Deb xxx

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spin Class - OMG!

Yes you read it right, I did a spin class on Saturday!  It was awesome to say the least.  After seeing JD last Thursday he said I was allowed to up my cardio intensity for a week.  I had made a good body fat drop too and will be seeing him again this Wednesday.

I was at Goodlife (work) for the start of the 12 week challenge as I was the girth measurer for the day.  I arrived early to train and then was thinking of doing cardio on the crosstrainer then saw that a spin calss was about to start so I thought "I should just do it"!  I loved it, it was fun, hard but fun :-)  Kim B the instructor is very motivating and kept me going and going!  My face was glowing red when I left the class.

I too have entered the Goodlife 12 week challenge (I go up against staff not members).  They have a professional photographer taking before and after shots, then the weigh in, girths, and skinfolds.  Since I have 3 clients who are doing the challenge I have decided it would be good to get in on it too and really motivate them through the entire 12 weeks.
Some of the PT's who have entered had time to fatten up for the before photo's, I obviously couldn't and wouldn't do that so I have to come in nice and lean, it will be a week before comp day anyway so game on lol.  It's all in fun at the end of the day :-)

I can't believe i'm 13 weeks out already.  I am driving out to see Jo Rogers this Sunday for a bikini fitting and then i will go over fabics, colours, creations etc.  I have a rough idea in mind but am hoping to leave it up the her, Jo is so creative and I feel comfortable just leaving it in her hands.

My sponsors "International Protein" Troy and Christine are putting together a routine for me with the music I gave them a few weeks ago, i'm told the routine will be done by next week, can't wait!

Feels like time is just getting away, this comp is coming way to fast for me atm, I thinks its because i'm so busy everyday.  I picked up 4 new clients that start this week!  It's good, I just need to stay in control of time management to remain as stress free as possible.

One of the key things JD spoke to me about last Thursday was sleep, I need to make sure I get more of it.  I wake up 4.30am Monday - Friday so I must get to bed earlier.  Sleep is important for fat loss and muscle gain, all our hormones need to be working well.  We are finely tuned creatures :-)

See you soon.

Deb xxx