Monday, March 9, 2009

Better in mind but not body!

Today I feel a little more positive, well a whole lot more then yesterday that's for sure, I now feel back on track mentally but physically I feel drained.
I knew I was feeling better this morning during my cardio session as I wanted to do it but my body had no juice in the tank, so the desire was there and that was what I had lost two days ago, it's great to have it back.

Tomorrow I see JD so I will talk to him about this then.  And yes, I am a little nervous about the skin folds, even though I have done everything prescribed I just have a concern about plateauing or something.  But whatever the numbers are I will do as the picture reads "Don't Panic!, Just Smile"  :-)

I have also got Michael (personal trainer) back on board with me as of this Friday, he will be training me one on one once a week at Goodlife to start with to help me stay on top of things, I always train hard when I have someone like him pushing me so i'm looking forward to that.

It's funny as I never needed that extra push before when it comes to training, but after speaking with Michael today he did remind me that I am at work by 5.30am most days and I have so much more on my plate that it just isn't possible to have the same amount of energy that I had 2007 when I had more time and more sleep on my hands.  He also put other things into perspective today which really helped get rid of my self doubts!  For now anyway ;-)

Thanks again for all your love and support in regards to yesterdays post, the responses and emails really helped me get my head back into the right place.



Lia Halsall said...

I'm glad to hear that all it better today Deb. I do worry about you sometimes. As per usual let me know how you get on with your skin folds. I won't wish you luck because you don't need it, you've done your very best once again and that's all you can do. ;o)

Lia xxx

Splice said...

You always know what to say to me to make me feel better, thanks Lia :-)
I will call you tomorrow for sure.
Deb xxx

Vicki said...

Hey Deb,

Glad to hear that you are mentally feeling better - I think that the mental battle is harder than the physical one most of the time. What you do need to remember is that we are all here to support you and most of us understand the psycological struggles that go with this lifestyle - you are definitely not alone, it's something the majority of us have been/are going through :)

Vicki xx

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Hey Deb

I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome of everything. I can not wait to see you on stage, and trust me, youwill hear me. hehehehehe.