Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And the answer to my problem is


Yes i'm well aware of the importance of sleep especially during a prep but when it's your own body you think your okay and you have a good handle on everything, that is until you hit a brick wall like I did on Sunday.

Today was my regular visit with Jon Davie, I spoke to him about my drained body and negative thoughts two days ago and he even said I still looked drained.  We assessed everything (nutrition etc) but he already knew it was my lack of sleep that was causing all this.  We did discuss this previously but now I have no choice but to take it very seriously if I want to see results.  I actually managed to squeeze in a 45 minute sleep after seeing him, my god it was one of those deep, deep sleeps that I must have needed.  I'm feeling better already but I know I need more and will make sure I get it when ever I can.

After my regular visit with JD I have my regular phone call to Lia,  she has been my wonderful supporter since day one and knows me better then I know me ;-)  As soon as she hears my voice she knows whats up with me lol.  So another peep talk from her had me heading straight for the bed for that awesome nap I had today.  Sometimes you just need someone to tell you what you need to do, just hearing it come from someone else other then yourself makes a HUGE difference as to whether you take action or not.  So thank you once again sweetheart :-)

As for the results today, they were good but could have been better, but I am happy as I am still dropping and that is all that matters right now.  Once I start getting more sleep my body will be able to respond alot better and I should see some great improvements.



Lia Halsall said...

There's no need to thank me. Depositting sleep into your sleep bank is all the thanks I need. I'm glad it helped, a couple more days like today and you'll be firing on all cylinders again Deb. ;o) xxx

witchazel said...

SO glad you are feeling abit better and have found out the reason why you were down... I know what you me about the sleep thing, yesterday I fell asleep between cleaning cars! Even though I was sitting on a hard stool and Hubby was using a vaccy cleaner beide me!! LOL

Em said...

When I am sleep deprived watch out hehe, whats that saying 'if mamma aint happy, no one is' hehe thats how it is if I dont get my sleep lol
I am so glad that your getting everything into perspective and seeing it in a positive light :)
Lia is a wise chickie full of wonderful advice isnt she :)
Enjoy your sleep hun.

ss2306 said...

Sorry you're sleep deprived Deb. That really sucks!

Maybe you need to get sick like me this week then you'll get so much sleep you can't get to friggin' sleep (like tonight) and also cause you're starvin' friggin hungry!