Monday, February 23, 2009

Some Doctors Have No Idea!

Upon waking up at 4am this morning to go to work I found that I couldn't even get out of bed due to my sever back pain, I have never experienced this kind of pain before, I crawled out of bed and managed to get my clothes of and into the hot shower where I could slowly feel the pain release.

I decided to make an appointment to see the GP, so after training my clients this morning I went to the doctor's and waited and waited and waited, 1 hour over time grrrr.  I get this doctor I have never seen before, asian guy not the usual asian doctor I wanted to see.
I tell him everything about the pain and sciatica etc and he said I may need a CT scan, fair enough lets get it done.  I was wearing my PT uniform when I saw him as I has come straight from work and on the back it says "Personal Trainer" across the back of my shirt.  He asked me to turn around and show him where my back pain was, so I did, I then turned to face him and no word of a lie he asked me what I did for a living!!  I thought he was joking but he wasn't. My hubby was rolling his eyes.  Then he asked me when my last period was as you can't have the scan if there is a chance I may be pregnant.  So not even thinking I told him I was a week late followed by "but i'm definitely NOT pregnant".  I told him it's due to the fact I dropped below 15% body fat etc.
Well he wouldn't listen and said I could not have the scan because I may be pregnant and he wouldn't do a pregnancy test because i'm only 1 week late!  So frustrating!
He told me to rest, no weight lifting, take panadol (as I may be pregnant and this won't be harmful) and to use a heat pack.  See how I feel in a few days and thats it!
OMG one thing I know about back pain is not moving makes it worse, swelling around the spinal disc should not have "direct" heat applied and panadol does jack shit, I need an anti-inflammotory to reduce the swelling around my disc so the sciatic nerve has no pressure on it and the muscles stop spasming!

The doctor I wanted to see is familiar with the fact that I compete so he understands it a little more.  This guy was straight off the boat!  No point in even telling him that I was getting ready for a show.  So after sitting there with John and him asking about our sex life due to this suspected pregnancy we left feeling that it was a complete waste of time, I almost cried.  This pain is very draining and with the hours I work and the comp prep I am struggling to find energy.  Having said that I am forcing myself to train and do all the cardio but it's 100 times harder then I have ever experienced with previous comp preps.

So where to with the back?  I will start another course of Nurafen, use ice packs for three days, once the swelling goes down I will then use heat packs and this should help.  The step to take after that is to see a Physio.

This post is more of a vent then anything else, I feel better already :-)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I am amazed at all the changes i'm experiencing already.  I must be dropping weight fairly well as I continue to get comments on a daily basis now about it.  My jeans are to big now so it's time to pull out the next size down.  My waist is shrinking and it's a great feeling to be getting these results after almost 6 weeks of full on prep, it makes it worthwhile and also makes me more motivated!  Still have a way to go and I am looking forward to seeing the end result.  My shoulders have never looked this good at 14 week out, here's hoping I actually did gain more muscle over my year off.

Last Saturday night I had two glasses of wine and I was almost blotto LOL, I used to drink a bottle to myself without a worry, not now!  I'm just a cheep drunk and lovin it hee hee.

My monthly never ended up showing, still waiting, I can't imagine they have stopped already as they usually do during prep, it just seems to soon at almost 14 weeks out, I shall wait and see maybe their just late.

I didn't have time to see JD this week but am booked in for next Thursday, will update then.

Have a great day,

Debs x

Monday, February 16, 2009

Overwhelmed :-)

I can't thank you enough for the comments left, gosh it makes me feel better reading them....THANK YOU!

I am feeling a little better today, just very tired, I need to try and fit in a nanna nap today to catch up but have a few programs that need doing.

The support here is so important and I took in everything you guys said.  I know it's not meant to be easy and that we are the tough ones, the survivors :-)

I look forward to standing on both the ANB stage and the WNBF stage in less then 15 weeks time in the shape of my life!
I have also been looking into alternative exercises for my leg workouts that don't kill my lower back.  Lunges are definitely on the top of the list as it's the only exercises I can get some kind of decent weight happening.  I need to see how the leg press goes too, it may be an option.  I will look more into this in the next week or two.

You guys rock you know that!

Deb xxx

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just stay focused!

It's been really hard, my prep that is.  I'm struggling with time and energy, just not enough of it.  I am forced to really dig deep, deeper then I ever have to stay on top of this.  On top of everything my back is screwed again!  I can't train legs very well and haven't been able to since October last year, god knows how they will look on stage this year :-(

On the food side of things I am fine, just finding the energy to do the second bout of cardio after a long day is almost impossible, I say almost because I still get it done, only just.  It's not like this everyday, just some days but those days feel like forever.  I had such a high energy day on Friday and Saturday then I came crashing down sunday and i'm waiting on the dreaded monthly to start already!

It was all too much for me yesterday I had thoughts creeping into my mind about throwing in the towel, but I knew straight away I would never do this and if I did I would regret it more then anything.

I must stay focused.

My journey has began well and truly and I have started seeing changes and many people are commenting.  I hope that my journey brings me to the whole reason why I am doing this, to better my physique from last comp, that is my goal, my battle, my intension and I hope to succeed in doing this, i'm just a little doubtful about my legs as I can only train them a quarter of what I used to train them at as I can't have weight on me as it kills my lower back.

With my back inflamed again it causes sciatica, not having much fun with numbness and shooting pain running down glute, hammie and calf.

So this is why I question myself about wether to do this comp or not.  I will keep at it though, I really can't imagine stopping at this stage, one day at a time right?

Sorry about the gloomy post I just feel down today, my back pain drags me down.  But you know me, I will bounce right back in no time :-)

Deb x

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fitness Q&A

. Weight training body part?
Chest, I love training chest!

2. Cardio exercise?
Crosstrainer, I only use leg, no arm work.

3. Intervals or steady state?

4. Carbs – friend or foe?

Friend when consumed at the right times.

5. Cheat meal?

No cheat meals ATM

6. Treat?

Glas of wine on a Saturday night.

7. Protein Powder?

International Protein - absolutely any flavour they all taste amazing!

8. Gym outfit?

Lorna Jane & Rockwear

9. Runners/Shoes?

Adidas, nike, reebok

10. Clean or Dirty Diana? (clean healthy food or healthy with naughty extras)


11. Inspiration

Success stories.

12. Fat Loss Philosophy?

Clean eating, weight training, consistency, preparation.

13. Favourite Fitness Related Store or Brand:
International Protein

14. Last fitness related item you picked up?
Fitness MAg

15. Your fitness philosophy?

To not lose sight of what your goals are, think about them everyday and work towards them.  Most importantly when you fall of the wagon just dust yourself off and get right back on it again and don't have a second thought about it. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Getting There :-)

I seem to be feeling better (PMS), but the beginning of this week was a massive challenge, it's behind me now and I move on.  Thanks for your comments and support :-)  What would we do without each other, it helps so much to have you guys here.

On a positive note I saw JD today and have dropped 3.5mls since last week!  The changes he implemented worked, this is great as we will continue on as is with no changes for the next two weeks.  My scale weight remained the same, all good :-)

Work is great, busy but great.  I really love working with my clients, the lady's are a lot of fun and have made me laugh alot during our sessions with some of things they come out with.  I also love learning, and I have learnt many things from them since starting work as a PT.  Everyone has their unique situations, everyone is different in their own little way and I love this about people, finding out how each person ticks is fun and exciting.

However, it's not always roses, some people are set in there own way and will not open their mind to facts, or science!  Skipping breakfast and only eating two big meals a day will not make you lose weight!!  They completely can't believe that small frequent meals every 2-4 hours helps you lose the pounds, I get a dry mouth from taking so much time to explain all the ins and outs of why this way works.  Anyway, you can only help those that help themselves, and these are generally not the types to take on a PT in the first place anyway, imagine trying to train someone that will only listen to themselves?  I tend to come across these people through client screening and consultation every now and again.

All i do is promote Lifestyle Change, this is the key and I teach them about preparation, once they have that, then they are set!!

Debs xxx

Sunday, February 8, 2009

As if prepping isn't hard enough!

Training five days a week, cardio twice a day seven days a week, clean nutrition, 4am wake up's, work, family, etc, now throw in PMS and you get one very emotional, pissed off female!!

One week before it's due is when it all happens and this month instead of making me ridiculously sad, it seems to have pushed my "short fuse button"!  It has also left me completely flat and drained making my cardio sessions 100 times harder.

OKay, feel better now that's off my chest :-)

It seems so unfair that we female athlete's have so much more to deal with from month to month, I still can't believe how much it actually does to us.  I also know that it will pass in a day or so and that I will feel better mentally, emotionally and be less of a camel (water storer).

Venting seems to help, hence the post ;-),  it releases a little pressure so we need to take what we can get.  I know we all go through it as we continuously read it in our blogs, why hasn't a magic pill been invented to fix this yet???  ;-)

Other then that I am still doing everything JD has prescribed and am hoping for another drop in ml's this Thursday.

I look forward to a better day tomorrow (hopefully), just need to get through another cardio session tonight.

Will post again soon,


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sort Of, Almost!

The results of my skin folds today were good, but not good enough for JD.  I fell short by 2.5mls of my target 6mls in 2 weeks.  But, I am still happy with the drop, I also dropped in weight, that's a 3kg drop since Christmas, I think it should level out a little there as I don't want to drop to fast at the risk of losing precious muscle.
He has made a few more changes and I see him again next week to see if it's going to plan.  So I continue on as I have been and follow my nutrition, training and cardio 100 percent :-)

Coming into 16 weeks out this weekend, I have faith in myself and believe I will be okay as long as I don't lose sight of my goals, which I won't.  I have done this before and I will do it again, it's just that going through my nutrition, training and cardio with a fine tooth comb is making it all to weird for me.  Every prep I have ever done was so much easier, no percentages, skin folds, etc.  It kind of makes me feel like i'm not on target when I know I am, again to many numbers telling me where i'm at.  I look in the mirror and I know where i'm at.

I am not in anyway saying that I don't like it, i'm just not used to it, i'm sticking with this in hope that I will stand on stage with a bigger yet leaner body :-)

Debs x

Sunday, February 1, 2009


17 weeks out and progressing nicely, well I feel as though I am anyway ;-), I will know more by this Thursday when I get my skin folds taken again.
I have been on target with everything and am feeling and seeing the changes which is exciting and motivating all at the same time.

Work is unbelievable, i'm so busy, so many ladies, so little time lol.  I only have female clients, no idea why, I seem to attract a certain type of client, but I love training them so it's fantastic.

Nothing much else to report really, other then looking forward to see JD on Thursday, i like the appointments because I learn something new from him each time I see him.  I'm still getting used to the skin folds though, i'm really trying not to let them govern everything on the day but i'm getting better with them now :-)

I will update on Thursday to let you know how it went!