Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fitness Q&A

. Weight training body part?
Chest, I love training chest!

2. Cardio exercise?
Crosstrainer, I only use leg, no arm work.

3. Intervals or steady state?

4. Carbs – friend or foe?

Friend when consumed at the right times.

5. Cheat meal?

No cheat meals ATM

6. Treat?

Glas of wine on a Saturday night.

7. Protein Powder?

International Protein - absolutely any flavour they all taste amazing!

8. Gym outfit?

Lorna Jane & Rockwear

9. Runners/Shoes?

Adidas, nike, reebok

10. Clean or Dirty Diana? (clean healthy food or healthy with naughty extras)


11. Inspiration

Success stories.

12. Fat Loss Philosophy?

Clean eating, weight training, consistency, preparation.

13. Favourite Fitness Related Store or Brand:
International Protein

14. Last fitness related item you picked up?
Fitness MAg

15. Your fitness philosophy?

To not lose sight of what your goals are, think about them everyday and work towards them.  Most importantly when you fall of the wagon just dust yourself off and get right back on it again and don't have a second thought about it. 


Jadey said...

Thanks Deb... So nice to hear from you gorgeous girl. So missy, when are we catching up? You name a time and I will try & make it - whenever over the next few weeks.

Jadey xxx

Y.Q. Songen said... are great....this is the tips you can give for my fitness are amazing