Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I am amazed at all the changes i'm experiencing already.  I must be dropping weight fairly well as I continue to get comments on a daily basis now about it.  My jeans are to big now so it's time to pull out the next size down.  My waist is shrinking and it's a great feeling to be getting these results after almost 6 weeks of full on prep, it makes it worthwhile and also makes me more motivated!  Still have a way to go and I am looking forward to seeing the end result.  My shoulders have never looked this good at 14 week out, here's hoping I actually did gain more muscle over my year off.

Last Saturday night I had two glasses of wine and I was almost blotto LOL, I used to drink a bottle to myself without a worry, not now!  I'm just a cheep drunk and lovin it hee hee.

My monthly never ended up showing, still waiting, I can't imagine they have stopped already as they usually do during prep, it just seems to soon at almost 14 weeks out, I shall wait and see maybe their just late.

I didn't have time to see JD this week but am booked in for next Thursday, will update then.

Have a great day,

Debs x


ss2306 said...

Hey Deb

That was me last Sat night. 5 vodies and I don't remember getting home (LOL). In the olden days I could down at least triple that without a worry.

My TOM hasn't returned so I'm now thinking they're gone again!

Andrea said...

It sounds as though you are going to look spectacular Deb.

I'm going to be a cheap drunk as well.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Calvary was awesome and I am so glad I decided to have the baby there. The nurses were fantastic.


Stephanie Davis said...

Hi Deb, good to hear you are feeling so good and seeing all the results of your hard work :) how are you going with your routine? i think that's the part that would make me nervous until after the first comp! sending you an internet hug.. xox!