Sunday, February 8, 2009

As if prepping isn't hard enough!

Training five days a week, cardio twice a day seven days a week, clean nutrition, 4am wake up's, work, family, etc, now throw in PMS and you get one very emotional, pissed off female!!

One week before it's due is when it all happens and this month instead of making me ridiculously sad, it seems to have pushed my "short fuse button"!  It has also left me completely flat and drained making my cardio sessions 100 times harder.

OKay, feel better now that's off my chest :-)

It seems so unfair that we female athlete's have so much more to deal with from month to month, I still can't believe how much it actually does to us.  I also know that it will pass in a day or so and that I will feel better mentally, emotionally and be less of a camel (water storer).

Venting seems to help, hence the post ;-),  it releases a little pressure so we need to take what we can get.  I know we all go through it as we continuously read it in our blogs, why hasn't a magic pill been invented to fix this yet???  ;-)

Other then that I am still doing everything JD has prescribed and am hoping for another drop in ml's this Thursday.

I look forward to a better day tomorrow (hopefully), just need to get through another cardio session tonight.

Will post again soon,



Ali said...

I can't say that I understand... cause I couldn't possibly... BUT, I know what it's like to feel sad and I know what its like to be pissed off. I say use it! When I have the sh*ts and get in the gym.. I just get in this 'lets break some sh*t mood'. I love it. I yell, I move big weights and I don't give a f*ck if anyone has a problem with it.
Take your frustration out on the bar Debbie dear :) Kick its ass! haha

Andrea said...

It does suck Deb! At least we have our blogs so we can have a vent session!

Nicole P said...

I'm hearing ya Deb! Bloody PMS sucks!Nicole xx

MISS TANK said...

Oh Deb - you and I are so alike - it's scary! I'm coming into TTOM and get in such shitty ass moods - totally not me - lucky we have the ability to laugh at ourselves! You are doing SO MUCH right now, so just take every day as it comes and with tackle every day with that gorgeous smile - ok? GOOD!!!
I bought some calipers today - gosh they hurt! I dare say i'm not doing it properly - BUT we'll wait and see!!
here for you xx

LizN said...

Hang in there Debs, we must catch up soon!

Trudi said...

I hear ya baby!!! Sometimes you just have to wait it out until next day to come to be over it..Hang in girls gotta stick together Trudsx

Ali said...

Good to catch up with your blog.

PMS sure does suck, I'm fortunate to not really get it, however in saying that, I sure do get it once a blue moon. Hope you’re feeling better and it’s always better to get it off your chest I reckon ;)
Looking forward to following the countdown to your comp season this year, you will rock Deb!!

Have a wonderful week