Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Getting There :-)

I seem to be feeling better (PMS), but the beginning of this week was a massive challenge, it's behind me now and I move on.  Thanks for your comments and support :-)  What would we do without each other, it helps so much to have you guys here.

On a positive note I saw JD today and have dropped 3.5mls since last week!  The changes he implemented worked, this is great as we will continue on as is with no changes for the next two weeks.  My scale weight remained the same, all good :-)

Work is great, busy but great.  I really love working with my clients, the lady's are a lot of fun and have made me laugh alot during our sessions with some of things they come out with.  I also love learning, and I have learnt many things from them since starting work as a PT.  Everyone has their unique situations, everyone is different in their own little way and I love this about people, finding out how each person ticks is fun and exciting.

However, it's not always roses, some people are set in there own way and will not open their mind to facts, or science!  Skipping breakfast and only eating two big meals a day will not make you lose weight!!  They completely can't believe that small frequent meals every 2-4 hours helps you lose the pounds, I get a dry mouth from taking so much time to explain all the ins and outs of why this way works.  Anyway, you can only help those that help themselves, and these are generally not the types to take on a PT in the first place anyway, imagine trying to train someone that will only listen to themselves?  I tend to come across these people through client screening and consultation every now and again.

All i do is promote Lifestyle Change, this is the key and I teach them about preparation, once they have that, then they are set!!

Debs xxx


Lia Halsall said...

Well done on this weeks mm's, you always come through. ;o) xxx

Splice said...

Not always ;-)
Thanks Lia xxx

ss2306 said...

You can only try Deb then it's up to the client to implement.

I find that given them something in writing eg an article to support what I preach sometimes helps. I've got one on why eat 5 or 6 meals each day. If you want a copy send me a comment or email.

Glad you're over the worst of TOM. Mine still haven't shown - bastards!

Congrats on the mm's.

Top End Girl said...

I have a a great friend who is a PT, she killed me at 0630am at the beach this morning!!! But she says the same. All you can do is advise and not take it personally, as a fatty myself going through changes, its up to the person to make the decision. God I couldn't live without breakfast and 4 other nutritional meals a day. I just have to get over PT saying ..."Just do your ... situps ...I'll watch out for crocs!"

RaeC said...

That's awesome honey!! Well done xxx