Sunday, May 24, 2009


After a full on emotional weekend I am now (finally) starting to feel excited about the comps. Speaking to Sam Atrill on facebook today was awesome, she will be at the ANB on Saturday and I have a feeling it will be a cracker fun day!!

I'm trekking beautifully in relation to my body and have an amazing week of prep ahead of me that I am finding exciting.

My nerves got the better of me over the weekend, stage fright nerves, but I am starting to move on from that and not let it get the better of me, I have worked to hard to let it ruin my day.

Lia I always said you were my guardian angel, Thank you once again. I can't wait to check the mail tomorrow hee hee. Love you lots!!!! Actually it may arrive along with my bikini too, it's due tomorrow too I think :-) Is it my birthday? LOL

Will blog again soon.

Debs xxx

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Rambles On Where I'm At

Walking into to see Jon Davie for my weekly skinfolds was a different feeling today. I guess I felt confident about the results due to how much I have progressed in the last week. I could feel the change and I could see it and the skinfolds confirmed that.
I am now sitting in a good place condition wise for 1.5 weeks out, having said that I still have my work cut out for me but that's okay as I now know I will be making it to the stage, I have passed the point of no more self doubt, it feels great to finally be here.

The ANB will be a huge event with awesome athlete's competing on the day, I look forward to having a fun day and trying so hard not to stress about anything. I am just stoked to have the opportunity to compete there that day and look forward to having Dallas capture the moment so I have these awesome pictures to look back onto and remember all the work that went into me being in that condition on the day.
The ANB will also be a day that I hope will help calm my nerves for the following day at the WNBF. So hopefully by the following day I would have less or no stage fright lol.
But I must say in the last day or so I am feeling a little more at ease about the ANB. This comp was freaking me out because I know that some of the best figure girls will be there on the day and I didn't want to look at of place.
I have come to my senses, i'm there for me, with my physique and my improvements and if I worry about anything else im not going to enjoy my day and have fun, what is the point in all this hard work then? So I go into both comps with no expectations, therefore no disappointments. I will learn more about things after that weekend as I do after every competition as they are never the same, so much to learn and always will be.

I am very curious to see the end result after speaking with JD today about what we are doing for the final week leading in, I haven't quite done it that way before and can't wait until the big day. I'm in good hands, I trust my coach more the ever.

By the way, my boobs are holding up well (pardon the pun), 1.5 weeks out and no sign of rippling, in fact they still look really natural, hang in there girls lol. I can't wait to get my bikini to see what I look like, i'm sure it will all come together really well.

So I leave on a good note and stay on a good vibe :-) It's great to be back in the right headspace, feels like i've been gone for too long!

Hugs Always,

Deb xxx

P.s. Thanks again Lia for your support every Wednesday post skinfolds, you have helped me hang in there over the rough patches yet again. Talk to you next week ;-)

Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm so humbled

Working as a personal trainer was an area I was so wanting to go into as I felt I had so much to offer to my clients and today was the day I really got point of how it feels to change people's lives.
This coming Saturday marks the end of the Goodlife 12 week Challenge. Four of my clients wanted to enter it so I was happy enough to have them go through it under the condition that they didn't treat it as a weight loss competition and that I would guide and help them along the challenge to promote a healthy lifestyle change for them and to also create such amazing results!
Well all four of them have exceeded my expectations and have not only transformed their body's but have learnt so much about eating, training and most important "Balance".
I received an email today from on of them who told me how much I have changed her life, for the first time ever she is happy in her own body, she can sleep at night without medication, she is no longer hungry and she is "happy". She is in her mid 40's and has had eating problems all her life. So much more was written, it made me cry, it is so worth it and I love my work.

This Saturday is the final weigh in, girths, skin folds and photos so everyone is getting waxed and spray tanned and doing themselves up for the final shot. I'm so excited for them all as they have all done so well. My club alone had about 45 entrants.

Given I have permission I will post my clients before and afters here on the blog, i'm sure they will say it's okay :-)

The timing is good as it will give me a little more time in my final week to focus on myself and try to rest up a little more.

I see JD tomorrow, so I will update then :-)

Deb xxx

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The finish line nears

Gosh where do I start?

I'm going to make this post only about where i'm at prep wise and not go into everything else as it will be easier this way :-)

I am a little under 3 weeks out and I feel nervous and a little frightened about competing. I can't help but feel as though i'm not lean enough but in having said that I have some muscle on me now that I have never had before.

Now if I can stop comparing myself (by memory) as to how lean I was for my previous comps then I may start to feel better about the whole thing. And if I remind myself of my goals for this comp and the reason I took 2008 off was to compete with more muscle (size) and have a fuller look but still lean, then i'm right on track! I certainly won't be too thin this time around. With my last comps all I wanted was to be ultra lean at the cost of my muscles, that was my first priority back then and it showed. This time around with the guidance of Jon Davie I am coming in with more size and health I might add!

I haven't got any progress pictures, never took them this prep, haven't really done much at all except visit JD once a week for skin folds and pose in front of the mirror, that's it. I will take one week out pictures and make comparisons then, I will keep that tradition going at least :-)

I have to say that I have always in the past mentioned that my shoulders are small and they were up until now! I now have shoulders and i'm stoked about this, all that hard work has paid off, this in itself is a huge thing for me as it has been my weakness since day one. I honestly thought I would not ever get them to grow at all, thought it was a genetic thing. They are not huge but they are better then ever for me. The reason I bring this up is to let you all know that if you have a body part that is your weakness or just not as great as your other muscles just know that you can improve on it :-)

I will try to post more and comment more from now on, work and the passing of my Aunty has been difficult.

I have been reading blogs most days so I know whats going on in your world :-)

See you soon,


Monday, May 4, 2009

Finding it hard to blog

I am finding blogging very difficult, I had plans on blogging in detail tomorrow after my appointment with my coach but things have changed.
Yesterday my Aunty passed away, she had some form of cancer and it all happen very quickly.  She lives in Germany so it makes things so hard being so far away.
I'm not really wanting to go into detail about all this right now but I am still around.

I will see how I feel tomorrow and try to blog more details about how i'm progressing etc, I won't actually know for sure until I see JD tomorrow anyway.

Deb x