Sunday, May 10, 2009

The finish line nears

Gosh where do I start?

I'm going to make this post only about where i'm at prep wise and not go into everything else as it will be easier this way :-)

I am a little under 3 weeks out and I feel nervous and a little frightened about competing. I can't help but feel as though i'm not lean enough but in having said that I have some muscle on me now that I have never had before.

Now if I can stop comparing myself (by memory) as to how lean I was for my previous comps then I may start to feel better about the whole thing. And if I remind myself of my goals for this comp and the reason I took 2008 off was to compete with more muscle (size) and have a fuller look but still lean, then i'm right on track! I certainly won't be too thin this time around. With my last comps all I wanted was to be ultra lean at the cost of my muscles, that was my first priority back then and it showed. This time around with the guidance of Jon Davie I am coming in with more size and health I might add!

I haven't got any progress pictures, never took them this prep, haven't really done much at all except visit JD once a week for skin folds and pose in front of the mirror, that's it. I will take one week out pictures and make comparisons then, I will keep that tradition going at least :-)

I have to say that I have always in the past mentioned that my shoulders are small and they were up until now! I now have shoulders and i'm stoked about this, all that hard work has paid off, this in itself is a huge thing for me as it has been my weakness since day one. I honestly thought I would not ever get them to grow at all, thought it was a genetic thing. They are not huge but they are better then ever for me. The reason I bring this up is to let you all know that if you have a body part that is your weakness or just not as great as your other muscles just know that you can improve on it :-)

I will try to post more and comment more from now on, work and the passing of my Aunty has been difficult.

I have been reading blogs most days so I know whats going on in your world :-)

See you soon,



Shar said...

Nice one Deb - you are soooo close.
Great to hear your shoulders are boulders!!

can't wait to see your 1 week out comparision.

Shar x

LizN said...

Glad to see you on the up and up Debs. I'm sorry to hear about your Aunty but looking forward to you finishing strong.


witchazel said...

Are you dong the ANB show on the Gold Coast??? If you are it will be great to meet you!!!

Vicki said...

Great to see you posting again Deb - and great to hear that you have soldiered on through your struggles. Good luck for the next few weeks - can't wait to see the pics!

Vic x

Alicia said...

Best of luck Deb. I have complete faith that you're going to make it xoxo

Trudi said...

Good luck Deb. I long for the shoulder fill-out that you now have.Well done on keeping the focus. Cant wait to see the end result Trudx