Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm so humbled

Working as a personal trainer was an area I was so wanting to go into as I felt I had so much to offer to my clients and today was the day I really got point of how it feels to change people's lives.
This coming Saturday marks the end of the Goodlife 12 week Challenge. Four of my clients wanted to enter it so I was happy enough to have them go through it under the condition that they didn't treat it as a weight loss competition and that I would guide and help them along the challenge to promote a healthy lifestyle change for them and to also create such amazing results!
Well all four of them have exceeded my expectations and have not only transformed their body's but have learnt so much about eating, training and most important "Balance".
I received an email today from on of them who told me how much I have changed her life, for the first time ever she is happy in her own body, she can sleep at night without medication, she is no longer hungry and she is "happy". She is in her mid 40's and has had eating problems all her life. So much more was written, it made me cry, it is so worth it and I love my work.

This Saturday is the final weigh in, girths, skin folds and photos so everyone is getting waxed and spray tanned and doing themselves up for the final shot. I'm so excited for them all as they have all done so well. My club alone had about 45 entrants.

Given I have permission I will post my clients before and afters here on the blog, i'm sure they will say it's okay :-)

The timing is good as it will give me a little more time in my final week to focus on myself and try to rest up a little more.

I see JD tomorrow, so I will update then :-)

Deb xxx

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