Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spin Class - OMG!

Yes you read it right, I did a spin class on Saturday!  It was awesome to say the least.  After seeing JD last Thursday he said I was allowed to up my cardio intensity for a week.  I had made a good body fat drop too and will be seeing him again this Wednesday.

I was at Goodlife (work) for the start of the 12 week challenge as I was the girth measurer for the day.  I arrived early to train and then was thinking of doing cardio on the crosstrainer then saw that a spin calss was about to start so I thought "I should just do it"!  I loved it, it was fun, hard but fun :-)  Kim B the instructor is very motivating and kept me going and going!  My face was glowing red when I left the class.

I too have entered the Goodlife 12 week challenge (I go up against staff not members).  They have a professional photographer taking before and after shots, then the weigh in, girths, and skinfolds.  Since I have 3 clients who are doing the challenge I have decided it would be good to get in on it too and really motivate them through the entire 12 weeks.
Some of the PT's who have entered had time to fatten up for the before photo's, I obviously couldn't and wouldn't do that so I have to come in nice and lean, it will be a week before comp day anyway so game on lol.  It's all in fun at the end of the day :-)

I can't believe i'm 13 weeks out already.  I am driving out to see Jo Rogers this Sunday for a bikini fitting and then i will go over fabics, colours, creations etc.  I have a rough idea in mind but am hoping to leave it up the her, Jo is so creative and I feel comfortable just leaving it in her hands.

My sponsors "International Protein" Troy and Christine are putting together a routine for me with the music I gave them a few weeks ago, i'm told the routine will be done by next week, can't wait!

Feels like time is just getting away, this comp is coming way to fast for me atm, I thinks its because i'm so busy everyday.  I picked up 4 new clients that start this week!  It's good, I just need to stay in control of time management to remain as stress free as possible.

One of the key things JD spoke to me about last Thursday was sleep, I need to make sure I get more of it.  I wake up 4.30am Monday - Friday so I must get to bed earlier.  Sleep is important for fat loss and muscle gain, all our hormones need to be working well.  We are finely tuned creatures :-)

See you soon.

Deb xxx


Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Hey Deb, kimmi Burns is one of the best spin teachers in brisbane I think, along with Liz Nelson. I have had many the pleasure of doing Kimmi's classes! Totally high energy! Well done.

Stephanie Davis said...

you left out the bit about the lollies Deb..?!
what a great time to do a 12 week challenge, methinks you will have a slight advantage there! haha. :)