Thursday, June 4, 2009

Can Stand It No More

Resting that is!
I can't take a full week off I NEED to train so i'm starting back tomorrow, I can't wait lol. I have had enough rest and am ready to rock 'n' roll with the heavy iron, cardio I don't miss yet hee hee.
Food wise I have indulged a little but have been quite good, I will clean my act up even more once I start training again.
At the WNBF comp I was on stage early so once I was done my father and I (and a few friends) went for lunch. There was a buffet that most of the others had but all I felt like was a club sandwich, so that is what I had with a glas of chilled Sav Blac, it was delightful!

I have had a few nights of wine and nuts but thats after a clean eating day so not to bad. I will enjoy my weekend then get serious again as of next week.

My plans are kind of all over the shop at the moment. I am competing again late september but am yet to decide which shows. The ANB and WNBF are back to back again and that sucks because I find it hard to hold condition the second day. But I really want to give both fed another shot as I will come in leaner this time.

So I will work towards both the comps at this stage and decided closer to the day but since JD is coaching me through this again I would say the ANB is a definite even knowing I will be standing in line with Minnie :-) Pitty she wasn't shorter lol. But it will be awesome to meet her in person, i'm looking forward to that.

On Sunday I came so close to booking tickets to Melbourne to compete at the All females, so close I was, but I would have had to rearrange way to many things and it was going to become stressful so I gave up on that idea real quick ;-)

I'm still hanging out for pictures, I must be patient ;-)

Have a great long weekend everybody.

Debs xxx

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Ali said...

Ahhh! Good on ya Deb! Just think, only 14 weeks out already and you're ahead of where you need to be at this stage I'm sure.
We'll be doing the same show together! woot! Good to hear you love hitting the iron. Steph and I'll will have to come down the coast and train with you one day. Or better yet we could al go to Robina and train alongside big Jon.
Keep it real hommie xox