Tuesday, June 2, 2009

WNBF Gold Coast Championships

I am in the process of hunting down photo's from this event, shouldn't be long until I post them.

Ms. Fitbody Open - Tall class - 3rd Place

I kind of feel that I should have done better at this comp and have learnt a hell of alot over the weekend.
Two federations looking for too different looks. The WNBF prefers the leaner more "cut" look and since I wasn't as lean as I usually get I just didn't do as well on the day.
The feedback I got after the show was that my gains were awesome but if I had the leaness of 2007 I would have done much better.

I guess it was weird placing 3rd at such an elite event the day before and then expecting to do better at a local show that threw me a bit at first but now it's all good, it's good because I know I can come in leaner next time so I can fix the mistake easily.

So where to from here????

I spoke to Jon Davie today and we discussed a few things but I really want to give this another shot so I will be competing again late September for another back to back show with the ANB and the WNBF, but this time I will be leaner.

Time to enjoy my week off before getting back into it all, at least i'm at a great place to continue my next prep.

Deb xxx


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on both placings Deb, you should be very proud of all your achievements. Cannot wait to see the photo's.

Lorraine xoxox

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Deb, there is a pic here of you:



Hilary said...

Congratulations Deb!! You look awesome in those pics, and can really notice the gains in your body :)

I look forward to being there next time to cheer you on!

Hilary xx