Monday, July 20, 2009

Never Felt Better

I can't tell you how amazing I am feeling. I'm still extremely energized and at less then 10 weeks out from comp i'm loving my prep.

I trained chest yesterday morning, did 40 minutes cardio, worked, went to the other gym (the one I don't work from) did another 30min cardio session, was about to walk out when I ran into a friend who was about to do shoulders and I said "what the heck i'll join you"! So two training and cardio sessions in one day.

After waking up 5am this morning for work I thought I would be trashed from yesterday's craziness but I wasn't, in fact I had an awesome 40 minutes cardio session this morning - somebody stop me!!!

I have been feeling this way for a few weeks now, since starting my daily doses of Mona-Vie. I have a feeling my body was lacking in some nutrients that I just couldn't get from food, multi vitamins or any of my other supplements that I was taking to try and pull me out of that drained mess I was in before. My last prep was one of the hardest and judging by the way I am training now (and hindsight) I know that I had not had enough nutrition to prevent me from being over trained or whatever it was that made me feel weak.

I now train the way I used too and have so much enthusiasm and spirit. I love cardio again. My mind is so positive and I want to take on the world!

The Mona-vie is so potent with high nutrition and micro nutrients and enzymes that really get absorbed well due to it being in liquid form. Whatever my body was being starved of is in that 60ml shot I have twice a day.

This Saturday I am getting my first cycling coaching lesson (weather permitting). I'm excited, can't wait.

I see JD on Thursday and i'm looking forward to that, never thought I would be excited about skin folds lol. I can feel the changes, see the changes so I know the results will be good.

I hope everyone is well.

Deb xxx


Andrea said...

HI Deb,
It's so great to hear you sounding so spritely and full of life again!
I haven't visited your blog in a while (I read blogs in a reader) and those pics in your header are just so stunning!
Your Mona-vie sounds great - can you get it in the ACT at all?


Splice said...

Thanks Ang!
Yes you can get it anywhere from Australia. I could sign you up for free and you can order it yourself at wholesale prices.
I sent you a message on facebook :-)

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

You sound on top of the world Deb. Way to go, it is rubbing off onto me! Wahoo!