Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Competition Decision

I am competing in a little over 12 weeks time. I have decided that doing two comps a day apart is not a good idea as I lose condition the following day and it's bloody exhausting! So I had to make a choice, ANB or WNBF? It was a very difficult decision (typical of me not being able to make a decision, to busy analyzing everything to bits), I have decided to try the WNBF again, that was the direction I was aiming at since last year so best to follow through.

I know it will be a tough event as Vicky Thomas (World Champ) is competing that day, but at the same time it will be great standing up there next to her as she is an awesome athlete and a supportive friend.

It was a difficult decision as I truly had the best comp experience at the ANB Asia-Pacific International, the vibe and atmosphere was incredible. If only they were at least a week apart then I would do both. I will be competing with the ANB again for sure.

So I am now trainer-less! I'm going to give it a shot on my own. I believe I am ready for this, but who knows I may change my mind later lol.
JD is awesome but not always easy to get a hold of! I figured I wanted to implement a few new things that I believe would benefit me in my prep also. So i'm excited about leaning down again.

Good luck to everyone competing at the All Females this weekend, wish I was there to cheer you guys on.

Deb xxx


RaeC said...

Way to go Deb!! BTW, the All Female is next weekend... What are you trying to do to us??? LOL xxx

Splice said...

Opps! I thought it was this weekend LOL.

Lia Halsall said...

Good luck with your next prep. How exciting going it alone Deb. I'm sure it will be exciting and interesting at the same time so keep me up to date. ;o) xxx

MISS TANK said...

Isnt it fab when you finally make decisions, then you can focus so much more stronger! GO DEB GO DEB - I'm also certain you dont have a great deal to lean down again either!!! WOOHOO