Sunday, July 12, 2009

I can't keep up with myself

Things are flying at me from all directions so bare with me.
I saw JD last Thursday and it all went better then I expected. He was very happy with my results but more so because he can see that I have adopted a good eating plan post comp that has helped me to keep my skin folds at a great place. All I can say about that is I haven't even put much effort into it because it wasn't difficult, he really knows his stuff! Eating on JD's post comp plan pretty much effortless, preparation is the key, not self-discipline.

So it's prep time and i'm in a good place to kick it off and get going for the big day. We did discuss the fact that I will be coming in leaner in 11 weeks time, i'm excited about it. I really believe I can do this as I feel fantastic since I've been drinking Mona-vie, it has giving me endless amounts of energy and nutrition which is keeping my mind positive and my emotions high even though i'm lacking sleep again.

Mona vie is going well, I have had alot of people joining me in this awesome business and I find myself meeting with people most days of the week now. I'm buzzing from it really I am!

I don't know if you remember I mentioned that I was working on getting into Alzheimer's Australia where i would have the opportunity to work with th carer of dementia suffers etc? Well I got a call today and things are looking very positive there. I'm excited and scared at the same time. Excited due to my passion for health and nutrition and wanting to help others, nervous about public speaking. I will need to overcome this as my dreams are way my important and I don't want to lose site of them over a fear that can be overcome.
I will let you know more about what my role will be once it's confirmed.

So between personal training, prepping, Mona-vie, Alzheimer's Australia and family i'm pretty busy lol. And that's still not all, i'm about to take on another sport lol. Cycling, the real deal. I have to get a date together for my first coaching lesson in a week or so. It will be on a track on a bike that I will be cleatered into. I can't wait to give this a try.



Trudi said...

Good for you Deb. Great to see there are many choices coming your way. Its been inspiring to follow your blogs Trudsxx

Jadey said...

Hey Deb! Can't wait to read all about your cycling. That will be interesting, I love road cycling. Anyway, we must catch up. Will ring you. And I just wanted to say thank you for all of your encouragement and support over the past months. You helped me get through when I thought I couldn't!
Jadey x

Hilary said...

Sounds like great things are happening for you Deb, awesome to hear!

Hilary xx

Ashwee said...

Hey there,
I am a new reader and am getting into bodybuilding.

I am really enjoying reading about your journey. Great to hear that you are doing so well.