Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hey Hey

I'm off to see JD tomorrow yippee! I haven't seen him since my comp and now I am less then 12 weeks out, sooo over due!

Training is going great guns to say the least. My weights are on the increase and i'm so stoked to me training hard and heavy again. I'm even enjoying cardio again, in fact I am chaffing at the bit to get on and start moving, i'm just enjoying it and the added energy is fabulous.

Looks like I picked up another sponsorship, it will be confirmed once I meet up with the sponsor in person next week, so very exciting, will tell you more once it's confirmed.

More updates tomorrow after I see JD.

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SeLiNa said...

Hey Deb!
Thanks for your well-wishes - I'm finally excited about the comp now :)
2 more sleeps :)