Monday, April 6, 2009

No news is not always good news when your a blogger....

I think we know by now that in blog land no news is not good news.  I haven't blogged due to how difficult this prep has been over the last few weeks in particular.  I have struggled with having absolutely no energy to function with and as a result I have had issues that set me back a week, not a good time to lose that kind of time.  I just needed time out to try and catch up.

To tell you the truth I won't know exactly where i'm at until tomorrow when I see JD.  I didn't go for my skinfolds last week because I couldn't bear too, I know it was the wrong thing to do but I needed to sort things out on my own.  Tomorrow will be a good indication if I made things worse but not going!

My energy levels are so low I haven't even been able to get off the lounge on the weekend to go to the toilet without willing my body to stand up!  I have had no posing practice and haven't even taken my weekly progress pictures because of it, I truly couldn't tell you how I go to work on a daily basis and keep my clients happy.  I know that they are happy due to a recent email I got received saying I was the best PT, this made my day :-)

I'm up at 4.30am mon-fri and really use up whatever energy I have on my clients and on my training and then I have nothing else to give :-(
Food wise no problem, i'm not hungry, just drained.

I need to talk to JD tomorrow, but when i'm there i'm always in a hurry to leave so hardly in the mood for a long chat when I have to be in other places!

This is all self inflicted and I need to sort myself out.

Love you guys.


Stephanie Davis said...

Hi Deb,
yep, been missing you! :(
im worried about your level of exhaustion, any health concerns there? good to know you are still hitting your food and training goals but Jon needs to know if you are struggling this much xx

Em said...

I am so sorry to hear this hun, but you know its just a bump in the road you will get round it!

I think rest is what is needed, easy said I know but.

Put yourself first sweetie!

Em (((hugs)))

Jehanne said...

Hang in there Deb - I am sorry to hear you are finding this prep so tough and draining. I admire you and your strength to keep pushing through and you are obviously doing your job well despite how you feel - thats important! keep pushing, I am sure you will have good results from JD