Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Skin Folds

Finally i'm progressing yay!!  My target was to drop 5mls in nine days, I ended up dropping 5.5mls!  I'm happy with the results as I worked hard towards achieving my mini goals.

I'm happy more so because this time everything came together, I feel leaner, i've dropped weight on the scales and the skin folds show a drop.

So after a few changes to my nutrition and cardio I have now to focus on what I need to do and hope that the new targets set before me fall into place.  My new goals are for a 3ml drop every week.  I will see JD again in two weeks time.

Cardio is still pretty easy paced most days but I also get to do some intervals which I love, problem is squeezing in the time to do it, and now it's a little longer, but I just have to push through this, it's not permanent, it's only for a few weeks (18), I can manage my time if I plan ahead and if I get enough sleep through the week, to many 4am wake up's!

I have to say, JD is so precise in every aspect of the prep, I am really experiencing something different with him and it's all good.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what's under the fat!

My biggest drop in skin folds today came from my quads, I knew it would as I could see a difference in then as they are starting to look my defined.  It's weird how my legs come in first!  But my lumber area had a drop too, this is my body's favorite place to hold fat and where I lose it last so a little drop there now is a great thing!

I have been reading blogs most days but not leaving comments (sorry), will start leaving comments soon.



Skye said...

Thats great deb !!!!
keep it up girl,
skye xx

Shar said...

Nice one Deb!!
Mini goals are great hey!?
Keep on pushing.

Shar x

ss2306 said...

Nice work Debs

Keep it up.

4 am wake-up's - arrgghhhh!