Sunday, January 18, 2009

19 Weeks Out

 Well it seems I survived last week fairly well :-)
I got all my cardio and training in and my nutrition is spot on.
I'm starting to feel more in the prep zone.

Everyday we learn something new about ourselves, it is never ending and I believe that what makes life so wonderful.
Prepping for a competition really makes you learn so much about yourself.
I learn to take more control of my life when i'm in prep, must be because everyday needs to be thought of ahead of time so everything gets taken care of regardless of what it is!

I'm still learning to take more control over my stress over the comp prep period and I bring this up because every prep I have done I have caused undue stress on myself over the littlest things!  I can't believe how much I have changed and how much more control I now have to say "it's okay, there is another way around this" and if there is no way around it, then nothing can be done about it anyway so why stress?  This change in my way of thinking has made me more clam and less likely to cause elevated cortisol!  Let's hope I can stick it out all the way through too and passed comp day :-)

On the weekend I started looking at song choices, oh boy this is freaky stuff, too many to choose from but nothing I like.  I did manage to find one I really like but it's very slow and it would mean a slow, flowing routine.  It might just have to do.  You know how much I dislike this part of the competition, I wish it were optional at every comp, I wouldn't do it!  Yet another challenge for me to take on I guess :-)

Hope everyone is well.

Debs xxx

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Lia Halsall said...

You stress, I don't believe it. LOL!! ;o) xxx