Monday, January 12, 2009

20 weeks out and a few steps backwards!

Yesterday I woke up with a bad stomach virus.  I was bedridden.  Every muscle in my body ached like mad and I had no energy to even walk!  My stomach was in pain.  After a day and night of rest and sleep I was able to get back to work today, it must have been a 24 hour virus.

It's funny because I remember starting my prep back in 2007 and going through the same virus but it last 3 days, weird.  Anyway i'm getting better :-)

I had my skin folds taken today and I have gone up, not good for 20 weeks out.  But I was expecting this and we now have plans and goals to reach on a weekly basis.  My weight has actually dropped 1 kilo though, strange.  All these numbers, not what i'm used to when prepping, not sure I like doing it this way but I have too.  So the plan is to drop 5ml by next week (Thursday), see what I can pull out of my magic hat ;-)

Since the 5th of Jan I have been on target, I will continue to move along the way I always have when prepping because the results will show, I will stand on stage no more then 30mls, it will all come together :-)

I'm still juggling my training and cardio around work, it's a real challenge but nothing in life is easy is it?  The most amazing thing I have taught myself (don't ask me how) is not to stress!  Instead of freaking out because I can't train on Tuesday, I now say to myself "that's okay, I can train Wednesday instead, easily fixed"!  No point in being so anal about what day I train a certain body part, time to chill a bit, saves loads of stress, wish I was like this before.

Will visit soon,

P.s. I picked up two more super duper clients this morning :-)

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Hilary said...

Hope you are feeling much better now Deb, that virus sounds nasty!

Sounds like work and training is keeping you busy, I'm sure you'll reach those goals in no time.

Hilary xx