Friday, August 28, 2009

Introducing My New Toy

My new bike! It is a "giant" and it looks almost exactly as the picture above. I have taken to cycling really well and get a huge buzz from it.
I went out to the track this morning and loved the power and freedom I get from riding. I am getting more confident with being clipped in, and my form has improved heaps.

Now I simply can't wait until i'm in the off season as I will be able to spend loads more time riding. Since i'm four weeks out I need to be careful not to go into a big calorie deficit and risk breaking down muscle etc.

I know I haven't blogged in a very long time but I can't believe how busy I am. I have taken on so many clients and I never intended on taking on that many. I feel overwhelmed by it at the moment but am getting on top of it again.

My prep is good, in fact it's really good. I am on target, in fact i'm slightly ahead from last comp. JD is just fantastic, he is really getting to know me better and knows exactly what to prescribe for me to do that works. A trainer / client relationship really takes time to learn as everyone is different but once you have a formula the your on a good thing. We still have some work to do in time before we hit that formula but it's getting there and I love his approach.

I'm also at some crossroads in relation to what I am going to do about competing. As you know I am prepping for the WNBF Qld Championships, then going to Sydney two weeks later to compete at the WNBF Asia-Pacific Championships. A thought popped into my head yesterday as to why do the Qld comp, why not just do the Sydney one like I did in 2007?
I have pros and cons for both so I need to weigh it up.

I will make a decision within the next couple of days and let you know.

Have a brilliant day!

Debs xxx


Raechelle said...

Good on ya girl! I would love to live somewhere that had BIKE girlfriend in the states has just recently bought her first bike as well and loves it! HAVE FUN WITH IT!
I'm jealous! just can't ride on these darn country roads-can barely jog on them without constant vigilance0even at 6AM!...darn it!:-)

Esme said...

We have some good paths here in good old darwin, I'm just hopeless on a bike! I bought my first when I first moved here 14 years ago then sold it as I kept falling off and hurting myself badly. Do love bikes that stay still like RPM though, feel very confident on them.

Splice said...

Hi Raechelle,
It would be difficult riding on a dirt road even if you had a mountain bike it wouldn't be much fun at all. Must be time to move lol.

Deb x

Splice said...

Thank you for you comment Esme :-)
Riding a bike (especially a road bike) isn't as easy as one would think!
That is why I ride on the cycle track first to gain confidence and to get to know my bike before going out on the road with a cycle coach.
PLease feel free to stop by here again anytime :-)

Esme said...

HI Deb, I used to be Essie - TopEnd Girl but due to cyber stalking I had to change identities!!!! Now I'm hiding behind Esme Watson!!!!

Jehanne said...

I love riding my bike! I dont get all that much opp really, so when I do get on it - I LOVE it! xoxo