Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm Spinning Around

Move out of my way!
It's all good, i'm just so busy, I have been getting PT inquires almost daily with the up and coming new 12 week challenge starting again on the 22nd August.

And I got a call yesterday in relation to my pursuits with Alzheimer's Australia with news that I have (pretty much) got a government grant to go ahead with nutrition and exercise seminars for the carers. I will be putting together a presentation and sending it off to them, then I start early next year! OMG who would have thought???

Mona-vie is really taking off aswell, I am building a great sideline business with this nutritional product that has bubbled also.

And yes, i'm still prepping and going well.

My poor boys haven't seen enough of me but they understand and they also know I will have more time after the comp season ends.

Sorry this is short and sweet again but I have to run!!!!!!!

Debs xxx

1 comment:

Stephanie Davis said...

great chatting with you too Deb :)
Are you doing the staff 12 week challenge again? only 6 weeks out from comp this time (woo hoo!)
sounds like you are making the most of all your opportunties at the moment- u deserve every success xoxo mwah!