Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Federation or Organization is Upon Us

Lafemme Australia - Click here

I received an email today in relation to this new organization. I have been asking around but no one else seems to know about it.
I responded to the email and this is the reply I got:

Hi Deb,

Over my 20+ years in the industry and just as many from others in our organization, between us we have owned supplement shops, gyms, sports stores, pt studios, and have all competed many times in lots of sports, including bodybuilding, weighlifting, sprinting and lots lots more.

Within the network that has come to form LaFemme, we have gathered as many contacts as we could from, our own, friends who still own businesses with contact lists etc and contacted people that would be interested in what we have to offer.

Our focus is to make our organization as large as possible, and have already had interest from overseas. We will definitely be looking to expand internationally as soon as we can.

But we intend on doing this, and obviously expanding around Australia, by providing as much as we can in the way of prizes for competitors, rather than just the obligatory trophy and title.

The great new thing that LaFemme provides is the opportunity for everyone to compete at a national event.

Obviously other federations have a scaling process for an athlete to gain entry to a national event, by placing at a lower event.

But as our concept dictates, we are not a federation of any sort. We are an organization providing what is missing out there.

And if we didn’t do things differently, then we would just be another federation.

We are looking to introduce new people at high/professional levels in other sports to ours at our events, and ours to theirs. We believe that creating new interest from other genres of sport will greatly benefit Australian women’s sport in general.

We will have guest speakers, and seminars, social fitness events and much, much more to keep everyone looking forward to more than just 1 or 2 comps a year.

Any ideas that you have or any other competitors, friends, family, spectators etc have, we look forward to hearing, to help develop our concept and keep moving forward.

I hope that is enough info to get you started. Feel free to contact us anytime again.

Kind Regards.


Did anyone else get an email? Does anyone else know the people behind this and what do you think about it all?



Anonymous said...

Never heard of and know nothing about them, sorry Deb. :o) xxx

Vicki said...

I only saw it last night after seeing your forum post. I'm not sure who it is but uneasy about the anonymity of it all (eg - no last names, no contact phone numbers, and 'Phil' is the only actual first name that has now been provided - only now because of the email???) I don't know, maybe I'm too suspicious a person but I can't understand why someone is talking about having all this experience but not putting their identity to it?

Anonymous said...

Wow Deb - NFI!!! Sounds interesting.........!!! I'm curious! :)

Tara said...

Interesting..... Its got the backing of Michael Waddington so it can't be that bad?!

I am keen!! one big fed that allows both types of competitors, might bring more unity between both sides?!

How u doing these days Deb? xx

Stephanie Davis said...

Hmm! i must say even after reading the whole email i still don't quite get what they're trying to do... :S yes would be interesting to know how they got your email. guess we'll have to wait and see!

Ali - MesoCorp said...

I presume from the name LaFemme (sounds like a feminine hygiene product.. lol) thats its a girls only federation. I think Aus has HEAPS of room for a new federation/organisation or whatever they want to call themselves. Will be interesting to see what comes of LaFemme....

Raechelle said...

Well-as with everyone else...have not heard of them, but interested to hear more about them.

Splice said...

I have emailed him again today and will wait for a reply.
I have mentioned that everyone is wondering who they are and perhaps in knowing it would bring more interest?
I have not found anyone else who received this email as yet nor do I know anyone who knows the people behind it but I will find out soon enough :-)
If I had to guess i'm thinking perhaps ASN but I don't really know them and vise versa, I could be completely wrong though.
Time will tell. I will keep you posted.