Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What a journey!

All I can say is that sometimes you need to go through difficult situations to see things clearly. Sometimes going through a tough situation can be a good thing, only if you look at it that way. I have learnt so much about my last comp.
Knowing I was not coming in at my usual leanness and having it confirmed a week out from comp made my decision to continue to go to Sydney very frustrating and difficult. At one week out I knew I wasn't going to make my optimal condition for the comp and having paid for airfares, accommodation etc I felt obligated to bite the bullet and go anyway.

Coming 4th is still a good outcome and deserved for the package I had presented on the day. The thing is I know I can do so much better so I walk away knowing that and I also take away some very useful information with me in regards to what not to do for my next prep.

Sydney was done on my own, I did the entire trip without a hitch and I am proud of myself for having the confidence to take that on. I have really grown up! :-)

Next year I will stand on stage in awesome condition, I have no doubts about that! After the Sydney Asia -Pacific comp I got loads of honest feedback and comments that made me open my eyes to many things. The Sydney comp was not a complete waste of time.

At this stage I hope to compete in the latter part of the year, hears hoping I don't change my mind due to unfinished business and compete in May. Don't let me do it or I will be prepping all year again and that's a big fat NO NO.

I have also decided to prep myself next year. I have done it before and I believe I can do it again but with even more knowledge behind me. The only thing that would be challenging to get around is having someone be my eyes for me when I get to 4 weeks out until comp day. But I have good friends here in the know who would be happy to help *cough* Lia :-) Last time I sent photos for honest feedback (2007) I can always count on her for honesty.

I'm really looking forward to my off season training and nutrition and can't wait to compete again next year.

Thank you so much for all your support through facebook and text etc. I have to say that on the day of the comp having my iphone to update and check back for replies was so comforting, I felt like you guys were there with me, just to share everything I was going through and knowing you guys were there reading on was unbelievable. Thank you to iphone and technology and mostly to my amazing friends. xxx


Anonymous said...

Oh Splice - you never cease to amaze me honey!

I'm MORE THAN HAPPY to be a fresh set of eyes for you next year! I've decided to probably compete too! We can chat bout this when we catch up ;) xxoo Ferny

Splice said...

I will hold you too that honey :-) you will be my eyes!!!!
Can't wait to see you.
Debs x

Anonymous said...

I'm always there for you when you need me Deb. You don't even have to ask anymore honey. ;o) xxx

Stephanie Davis said...

You did amazingly well to travel there on your own, I don't even know how thats possible- wow! bring on 2010! :) but yes, please enjoy a nice lil break first over Chrissie especially :) loves ya, steph xx

Ali - MesoCorp said...

Yeh I think getting yourself ready is a whole other challenge in itself. Our calipers arrived in the mail last night and I've very keen to get some practive in! I was very careful to see exactly where Jon was pinching us near the end there. I wanted them initially to be able tokeep an eye on my skins in the off season so I don't blow out too badly, but I'd loev to help people get ready for shows. If you need a hand with your skins leading up to it let us know! :)
Enjoy your xmas, and feeeed up over your off season. I'm taking at least 18 months off.. don't know how you do it...
Looking at all the support and help we had at our show it's soo impressive that you did the Syd show by yourself! I'd prob be able to do it with a bit more experience under my belt, but for now I can't imagine. You're a champ Deb :) xo

Ali said...

Awesome post Deb and soo true :)

Great to catch up with some blogs, and congrats on your last comp, I can very much relate to how you learn positive things from what we can often perceive at the time as possibly a negative experience. Sometimes I think these are the best lessons. Hope everything in your world is rocking!!

Ali xxx